Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I finally got a chance to be Carly last weekend! About time too! It was killing me having to wait so long; but on Friday my parents said those magic words "we're going out tomorrow..." and I was in business!

So why am I posting on a tuesday? Well... I guess because I'm a little nervous about this one. See, with so many weeks to practice make-up... I kinda started to get good. Heh, well I guess I should let you be the judges of that, but at least good enough to make me think about posting my first full pic. I had a whole day on saturday to get ready and take some photos of myself, but for now I've only chosen one to upload. Eeep! I keep almost talking myself out of doing this but here goes:

Let me know what you think - try not to be too harsh!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


I really, seriously, haven't been neglecting you. Promise! I've been really busy working extra shifts to, um, how to say this... make up for certain expenditures of late? Internet shopping is a bitch lol! Although it does mean I have lots of pretty new stuff to wear... at least when I finally get a moment to myself :L.

I'm going crazy over here! This will be the third weekend in a row where I've not been able to dress up. Not even a little bit! My parents are just around allll the time so I haven't had a moment to myself. I really really need to dress up soon or I might do something drastic!

At least it's given me the chance to do some practicing with make-up. Only a bit, mind, I don't want to get your hopes up... but make-up's fun! It's every girl's dream to make themselves look gorgeous and I'm getting closer to it by the day. It'd be more fun if I could dress myself up from head to toe but it'll have to do for now. Keep your fingers crossed for me, hope to be updating you all soon!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sorry for taking so long!

I've had a crazy week and so ive shirked my duties and kept you guys in the dark... sorry! *blushes*

Nevertheless I intend to make it up to you with pics from my latest shoot which I had last weekend, eee!

This dress is gorrrgeous - I love love love it! The shoes are new too... in fact I've been on a bit of a splurge lately! I just can't stop myself! I've got a new blonde wig too and there are some dresses I've not even taken photos in yet so I've got lots to do. I'm actually blogging to you in the dress pictured above because my parents are out for a little while - seems I like life on the edge!

Annoyingly there's no sign that my parents will be gone next weekend so I may be laying low for a while. Still, I have some photos to edit so i'll still have stuff to show you guys - I had another shoot yesterday although I didn't manage to snap much, sorry!
Hope you like the pics, more soon I promise!

Friday, 28 January 2011

The dress that nearly outed me!

Here are the pics from that nearly disastrous photoshoot!:

Eee I still get butterflies looking at these pictures - I was so close to being caught! The dress is amazing though and definitely worth what I paid. Still... think I'm going to have to start taking extra shifts at work soon because women's clothes are expensive and I want so much more!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Close call!

Hey guys. I'm going to skip a few weeks after I got my first dress to about a week ago where I had a pretty terrifying experience! In the few weeks after my first dress I gained some confidence and bought a couple more... and some shoes, and some jewellery... eek! My wallet took quite a hit lol. I took some pretty good photos over those weeks too.

So, my close call. Picture the scene: I'm home alone and making my way back upstairs after my best photoshoot yet. I'm wearing a cute peachy-pink dress and some white heels, as well as a white bead necklace and some bracelets to accessorise. I took a bunch of photos downstairs in the living room with flowers laid out and I was really excited to see how they turned out. When I get back into my room I quickly turn on my laptop and sit down, eager to see the photos.

Well, I finally get the pics up and they turned out even better than I hoped! I open a few up for editing and start cropping them when... I hear the front door downstairs open! Crap! I look at the time and realise its 5pm and my mum's just come home from work. My heart starts to thump but then I realise it's not so bad - my door is almost closed and I've just got a few pics on my laptop. I save them for later and close my laptop and then stand up ready to greet her... but then I realise I'm still wearing all my clothes! My mum's coming up the stairs and I'm standing there in a dress and some high heels, not to mention the wig, breast forms, underwear etc - I'm done for. I kick off my heels and jewellery and throw them under the bed along with the wig but there's no way I can get the dress off in time because my mum's at the top of the stairs...

...so I jumped into my bed! Thankfully I suck at make-up so I didn't have any on and with the duvet to cover me up there was no way of knowing what I was wearing underneath. My mum opened the door to find me lying on my side wrapped up in my duvet - she saw nothing and is still none the wiser! I pretended I was ill and I guess with the stress of it all I must've looked pretty peaky because she totally bought it. She insisted I leave my door open though so I was restrained to my bed for the rest of the day... fine by me, I got to wear my dress the whole time in my comfy bed lol.

So yeah... that's about the most crazy-scared I've ever been in my life. I definitely need to be more careful from now on! I don't know what I would've done if the dress had been longer or if it had had shoulder straps... I guess I would've had to come up with a pretty elaborate excuse for wearing a dress in the middle of the day or come clean to my parents - not good!

Btw, I'll put up some pics from that particular photo shoot in my next post!

Monday, 24 January 2011

First dress

So here's the first dress that I ever owned and one which will probably remain a favourite of mine for a while. It was pretty cheap too but I won't say more than that because I don't think a woman is supposed to share her secrets hehe.
Eee I love this dress/photo! It took a LOT of photos to get one I was happy with. Sorry my face is cut out but I'm not very experienced with make-up and wasn't comfortable showing my not-too-feminine face lol. Also I have to say the angle's very generous and I may have 'enhanced' the photo in places :P

Oooh btw, don't think I mentioned - I ordered the wig online and it's gorgeous. I also have breast forms which I'm wearing in this picture and I'm lucky enough that I have pretty smooth skin (of course some photo editing skills also help). The wig was expensive but then I guess I'll never need more than one (for now at least lol) so it's not so bad.

The beginning

So I guess I've always been interested in girl's clothes. I don't know exactly why or when it started but it's been with me for as long as I can remember, but always in the back of my mind. Well, until recently at least.

I started to get more curious maybe about a year ago but it was still a very casual curiosity. I discovered TG captions and would visit some sites once in a while when it crossed my mind. It wasn't something I needed it was just something I enjoyed, kinda a hobby I suppose. Then I got the courage one night to join a crossdressing forum and introduce myself and from there it's all kinda snowballed. Now I have my own growing stash of feminine clothing which I love, especially the dresses (teehee!). I'll get to that later though. Guess I'm bad at this starting at the beginning stuff aren't I?

The problem is I still live with my parents which makes it hard for me to get dressed up often. It held me back for quite a while but people on the forums I visit gave me some confidence and about a month ago I went out and bought my first dress (I'll put up a pic soon!). I think that's everything for this post, thanks for reading (if you did!)